Small Vase / 20 Assorted Glazes

A small vase with a selection of regional glazes from Gifu prefecture.

Perfect for small floral accents on your dining table, desk or bedside.

For colour chart designations please click Description.

Made of porcelain and hand finished in Japan
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  • Description

    You can use the list below to check the colour of the glaze. You can also check the identifiers on the product images to make sure you are selected the right vase. 

    (A) Bulb Green & Grey

    (B) Round Oribe Green Drip

    (C) Square Cloud

    (D) Bulb Speckle

    (E) Square Rust

    (F) Round & Flat Bright Green Drip

    (G) Octagon Caramel

    (H) Footed Toffee

    (I)Octagon Teal Drip Blue

    (J) Dome Metallic Black

    (K) Octagon Jade & Blue

    (L) Round White Triptic

    (M) Bulb Blue Drip

    (N) Squash Jade & Blue

    (O) Dome Pale Green Drip

    (P) Hexagon Blue

    (Q) Footed Oribe Drip Earth

    (R) Bulb Moss Drip

    (S) Square Toffee

    (T) Hexagon Coral & White

    (U) Square Ink Drip & Cream

    (V) Round Indigo Drip

    General information & care instructions

    Our tableware is food safe and can, with some care, be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Sudden changes in temperature (eg. from freezer to oven) are likely to cause thermal shock, which will damage your item. Always place very hot items onto either wood or cloth.

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