Sushi Plates

Sushi Plates

Plates made for taking Sushi & Sashimi seriously

Sushi is a symphony of flavours and textures. Delicate slivers of fish, glistening rice, pops of wasabi – it's a culinary masterpiece begging for a proper canvas. That's where our sushi plates come in. These aren't your average mass-produced dinnerware pieces - we source our plates from family run kilns who care as much about sushi as you do. Hand-finished ceramics & beautiful stoneware.

A good sushi plate isn't just about aesthetics. These plates have been designed to be the perfect size for your favourite nigiri, sashimi, or rolls. Comfortable to hold, durable enough to last – they're built for real sushi lovers. Owning a beautiful sushi plate is more than just having a serving dish. It's a connection to Japanese tradition, a commitment to quality, and a way to show your sushi some respect. 

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