Pasta Plates

Pasta Plates

Find your perfect pasta plate: Sizes to suit every appetite

Calling all pasta lovers! Our collection of pasta plates, ranging from 19cm to 26cm, offers sizing to suit how you want to serve your pasta dishes. Theres ample room for twirling & a variety of glazes & shapes to compliment a variety of pasta sauces. Crafted from high-quality Japanese ceramics and stoneware, our pasta plates are built to last. Dishwasher and microwave safe, they're perfect for everyday use and easy to clean-up.

Choosing Your Ideal Size:

9-21cm: Perfect for individual portions, ideal for lighter pasta dishes or smaller appetites.

22-24cm: Provides ample space for a generous serving of pasta, sauce, and toppings.

26cm: Ideal for larger portions, family-style meals, or dishes with additional ingredients like vegetables or protein.

Looking for a plate that covers all the bases? We think the High rim plate is a functional power house that gets the job done for everyday use. 


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