Enjoy the wonderful world of Japanese drinkware 

Explore our collection of Japanese drinkware, crafted for an authentic Japanese ceramic experience. From mugs and cups for your morning coffee to teacups specially designed for loose leaf teas, find the perfect cup for every sip. Discover the crisp clarity and minimalist elegance of Japanese glassware. Experience the perfect cup of tea every time with our high-quality Japanese teapots featuring exceptional heat retention and fine strainers, ensuring a flavourful brew. For sake lovers, we have a variety of sake cups, sake pourers, and sake sets available so you can enjoy your favourite sake in style.

Browse the popular Marunaka Kiln collection of organics mugs or the playful designs of our sushi mug collection.

Invest in a set of high-quality ceramics or glassware and enjoy the convenience of our drinkware being dishwasher-safe and microwave friendly. Mino ware porcelain has been renown and enjoyed for its durability & distinctive textures for centuries in Japan. 

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