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A warm welcome to everyone visiting our new blog, unofficially entitled 'Tatami life' an ode to our time spent over the years relaxing on those wonderful rice straw mats in Japan. Think of it as an online Ryokan where you serve your own drinks and food and we provide the information and ambiance. Here is where you'll find everything you need for updates on new arrivals, sales and in-depth features on our tableware and the people and practices behind them. It's also a place for us to create a community so if you have any questions, suggestions or advice please be in touch in the comments section.
We look forward to hosting you and hope you have a pleasant stay.
For the first post we take you behind the scenes during our time in Japan, March of 2019. Snapshots of travel, kiln visits, vintage treasure hunting and food with friends. Can't wait to get back to our second home. 
Photo of the author on a visit to Galerie Momogusa 
Cafe at Galerie Momogusa
Impromptu sculpture at the studio of Nagaya Yu
Sashimi in Shino glaze bowl with Mr Suguru 
Dry Black-sugar & Black-sugar rum 
Stone sculpture at Eiho-ji
Stone sculpture at Eiho-ji
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