DUMPLING WORKSHOP FOR BEGINNERS with Lou Wong, 12th November 2023, 12:00-3:00PM

This introductory Dumpling Mania workshop is for beginners. Ready-made wrappers are used to make 3 different delicious dumplings.
  • Description
    Join Lou Wong from 'Dumpling Mania' around the kitchen table at our South Melbourne showroom and learn the skills to master 3 delicious dumpling recipes...

    1. Wontons (boiled) with Chinese 5 spice-infused beef, fennel and carrots, served with chilli sauce

    2. Pork and prawn 'Siu Mai' - a classic style of steamed yum cha dumpling. It is an "open top" shaped dumpling that takes only a few minutes to cook and is best enjoyed steaming hot.

    3. Crispy, crunchy money bags that are deep-fried, filled with aromatic Asian vegetables (bamboo shoots, carrot, corn, wood ear fungus, mushrooms and water chestnuts) and seasonings, served with sweet chilli sauce. 

    Lou will share tips about freezing dumplings, cooking methods, and her favourite kitchen tools. In addition, you will receive detailed recipes to take home, so you can recreate what you learn in this Dumpling Mania workshop!


    Dietary restrictions - Dumpling Mania workshops are unable to cater for dietary allergies or food intolerances

    • Venue - Made in Japan, South Melbourne store (1-7 Wynyard St)
    • Maximum of 8 participants per workshop
    • Duration 3 hours
    • Participants receive 20% off any in-store purchase* of MIJ tableware on the day of the workshop
    * excludes already discounted items
    Please select 'Gift Card/Workshop - no shipping required' at checkout to avoid unnecessary charges
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