Sake 720ml / 'On a night like this - Mountain Trout' / A0573

The "On a Night Like This" sake range is inspired by the minimalist art of Japanese 'Haiku'. Omission - rather than addition - is key...
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    Each label design in the "On a Night Like This" series illustrates a scene from a traditional Japanese 'Haiku' - a unique form of poetry, made up of only 17 syllables. A well-written haiku inspires with it's pared back language, reflecting the brewing process of this carefully selected sake range.

    The illustration on this label is a mountain trout, a frequent visitor to Nagano prefecture's rivers. The sake combines Nagano's representative sake rice Miyama Nishiki with Nagano yeast to create an intrinsic Nagano flavour profile.

    Sake type: Junmai-ginjo

    Rice Polish: 55%

    Tasting note: ”It has moderate acidity and a translucent sweetness reminiscent of apples and has a refreshing finish. This Junmai Ginjo is rich and floral, with a good balance

    How to drink: Chilled

    100% Rice from Nagano prefecture

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