Sake 720ml / 'On a night like this - Full Moon' / A0571

The "On a Night Like This" sake range is inspired by the minimalist art of Japanese 'Haiku'. Omission - rather than addition - is key...
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    Each label design in the "On a Night Like This" series illustrates a scene from a traditional Japanese 'Haiku' - a unique form of poetry, made up of only 17 syllables. A well-written haiku inspires with it's pared back language, reflecting the brewing process of this carefully selected sake range.

    The illustration on this label is designed to make the drinker feel as though they are gazing up at the full moon and being drawn into a magical moonlit world...

    Sake type: Junmai-daiginjo

    Rice Polish: 40%

    Tasting note: ”A rising 'Ginjo' aroma and a lustrous body”

    How to drink: Chilled

    100% Rice from Nagano prefecture

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